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Don Smith Blinds Ltd
Blind Matrix
Dave Pullin, Don Smith Blinds & The Freehanging Gable Blind

In this episode we talk with Dave Pullin, Technical Director of Don Smith Blinds & product developer of The Freehanging Gable Blind.


Welcome to the fourth episode of The BlindMatrix Podcast. 

We explore how Dave went from being a part time fitter to Technical Director of his family’s business, Don Smith Blinds. Dave also talks about the popular industry product he developed in response to customer feedback.

Towards the end of show Dave shares his insights into the importance of product knowledge in delivering great customer service.

To contact Dave, you can email him here.

Visit Don Smith Blinds Ltd website here.

More about The Freehanging Gable Blind here.

To appear on show, contact us here

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