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Loosing money because of mistakes?

Loosing money because of mistakes? Even with the best staff and technology, sometimes businesses produce and deliver goods or services that do not meet their customers expectations. Such jobs are lost or require some form of remedial action, such as a rework, repair or remake.


In the Blinds, Curtains and Window Furnishings industry problems can occur during the sales, administration, manufacturing and delivery processes. Identifying the root cause of mistakes is a big challenge. For any business, having a plan to deal with these quality issues should be a top priority.

Rework, Repair, Remake & Remedial – what are they?

Rework – when a product needs to have changes made to it, it needs to be reworked.


Repair – when a product is damaged or faulty, it needs to be repaired.


Remedial – when a product needs to have something done to it to satisfy the customer, it is in essence remedial work.


Remake – when a product needs to be made again, it is a remake.


However you manage repairs, reworks, remedial’s and remakes, it is good practice to make sure you have quality control measures in place.


Quality Control Measures

Many businesses implement stringent and strict quality control (QC) measures to minimize losses due to remedial actions.


QC starts at the point of sale and ends at the point of product or service delivery. The aim of the QC measures are to ensure that the right product and service is delivered to the customer on time. Poor QC measures can make this an uncertain process.


Implementing better QC measures can help to save you a lot of hassle, money and custom.


QC can be improved by simple check-lists or more complex processes. Whatever you have in place, you should ensure the QC measures improve your overall performance.


Businesses do this by defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the process, helping them to avoid falling back into old habits. Many businesses use Six Sigma principles to help with these improvements.

Why is Quality Control is important to you?

When it comes to delivering quality products and services to customers, having adequate Quality Control processes plays an essential role in building a healthy business. As technology improves, blinds surveyors, retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce dealers need to find ways to improve their quality management processes. 


Blindmatrix helps businesses to manage their rework and remedial operations. 

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