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About Us

We started out in 2002 with a mission to build smart software for people in the Blinds Industry.
This can free employees and the employers from inefficient processes and time-consuming paperwork. Today, our award-winning BlindMatrix website & app are driving productivity for customers of all sizes across more than 15 countries.

BlindMatrix provides software solutions for the entire window shading industry. We create personalised solutions to meet the needs of your business. Enabling you to run productively and efficiently, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Vivek Rao, Founder & CEO of BlindMatrix, is such an inspiring and influential entrepreneur, who clearly knows and educates his employees on the Work-Life balance. His vision towards running BlindMatrix is that every company which manufactures, sells, produces curtains, shutters, awnings or blinds should be using the BlindMatrix Software.

BlindMatrix helps businesses to transform digitally, scale & grow business around the globe from the blinds Industry. BlindMatrix is an end-to-end software solution for retailers, manufacturers of blinds, shutters, curtains & awnings.


We use the BlindMatrix software as a force for good, to improve people’s lives and empower businesses to grow.


To lead the window shading industry through innovation. And create solutions that work for everyone.


To make BlindMatrix indispensable for people’s lives. We will achieve this by creating software and a global community that helps people thrive.

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Balance
  • Empathy
  • Passion

We have an unwavering set of principles. We continually seek, to do right with the people we work with. And we prove ourselves to be honest and trustworthy partners.


We are constantly dynamic, looking for new answers and ways of solving problems. We want to explore opportunities, break boundaries and create new realities for the blinds, windows and curtains industry.


We acknowledge the importance of people’s wellbeing. We strive to achieve a balance between health and happiness, between the mental and the physical, for our personal and professional development.


We seek to understand another’s problems first before suggesting a solution. We treat one another with care and respect as this is integral to the way we operate.


We bring joy to the faces of our customers and our staff because we’re passionate about what we do. This is our driving force.

With BlindMatrix, you can run your business efficiently, effectively & completely!

Vivek Rao, the founder of BlindMatrix, started the company with high determination and purpose of improving the Blinds Industry in 2002. BlindMatrix was so persuasive in bringing the changes in the usage of how the Blinds Industry work.

There were many holes in the Blinds Industry, where in people were doing everything manually.

He had an idea of introducing an automation software that can help the people who are in the Blinds Industry mark their tasks, help them generate the invoices, build quotations, marketing through emails and texts, and lots of other interesting and engaging features were added.

We started as a very small application in .NET and then improvised tremendously throughout the years in bringing out 100s of unique features now. We work hard and smart to develop even more highlights every day to make our users’ life further easier and less complicated.

BlindMatrix was founded in the UK and now we have branches around the globe in Australia, India, etc. Starting with just 10 employees in 2002, now we have around 300 employees working for BlindMatrix.

We have been a part of many exhibitions, events, programs, conferences, webinars and so on which helps users understand the purpose of BlindMatrix. Each user has a different use,  BlindMatrix and we opt to focus on them, customize the software for each customer, which is considered as one of our main USPs.

We have nearby 800 clients all over the globe. Some of our clients include Santa Fe, Rainbow, Shades Blinds, etc.

The function of designing the software with full customization!

We’re driven by a commitment to making your business stronger. With strong values, more focus, high determination, BlindMatrix strives to uplift your Blinds’ company for better compatibility.

Being Productive

You need to work harder, instead, let’s all work smarter & productive. Thus is BlindMatrix software, giving high productivity.

On Service, always

We are open 24/7 and you can’t find better customer service anywhere else. We’re just a text away, always.

Transfer Knowledge

How can we not talk about the community?

Sign up to BlindMatrix community – A FREE knowledge-base platform where you can share and grasp the go-to news from the Blinds Industry circle.

High on Innovation

We help you work simpler and smarter with our strategic ideas and innovation on implementing new features for your usage.

The Best Team

Our team focuses on what YOU need. We make a difference in our service so that you can make money.

Customer Service
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 Our online events give you the chance to be a part of our feature launches, connect with other businesses on our network, and find out how to make the most of the BlindMatrix system.

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